Improving efficiency of the process in handling in-plant logistics is the need of the hour to optimize the cost for improved productivity. Suitable infrastructure, organization and well laid down process/ systems would help in achieving the desired cost and productivity target.

With its superior expertise, LME undertakes of the study the entire in-plant operation & offers the right infrastructure, sets up  the right manpower, re-aligns processes and runs the end to end operation.

LME offers Material Handling Solutions for all requirements within the customers' plants and warehouses and provides trained manpower to operate and maintain/service the equipment. This gives customers the advantage of superior quality machines, high machine up time, and competitive pricing.


  • Lower manpower management, you don’t have to waste time in compliances as we take care of those.
  • All inbound/outbound coordination of inventory management, line feeding as per JIT basis with zero production loss due to 100% inventory accuracy, all time inventory availability with optimum inventory cost.
  • No Capex investment as owned & Operated by LME No Maintenance as owned & maintained by LME No Driver management as drivers are deployed by LME Timely deployment.

In-plant Services


Manpower Management, RM warehouse management, Inbound Coordination, Inventory Management, Line Feeding, JIT Inventory, FG Packaging, FG storage management, Open /close yard management.


Forklift, Tow truck, HPT, BOPT, Hydra, HDR, Stacker Deployment.